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Transforming Your Brand Through Smart Collaboration

Who We Are

R&E Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a business solution agency that focuses on the development of consumer brands through sports, entertainment, branded media and sponsorships. We are an agency deeply rooted in culture, fueled by passion and driven by insight.

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What We Do

In today’s cluttered media landscape, brands are continuously looking to cut through the noise. Drawing on the influence of popular culture and the power of celebrity branded merchandise and content, we work with some of the most influential brands to secure the right athlete, celebrity or music talent for PR campaigns, advertising campaigns, brand activation events, event appearances, branded content, social media campaigns and influencer seeding. Most agencies represent the interest of the celebrity talent, we represent the brand and leverage our industry relationships to negotiate the best possible deal for our clients.

Brand Services

We are experts at creating value for brands through secured sponsorship rights, talent procurement, product placement and proposition driven negotiations that will increase brand awareness and fuel consumer intent.

Talent Services

We understand the unique challenges talent agents face when dealing with their roster of athletes, entertainers and celebrities. We work with talent agents and agencies to assist in developing well rounded and marketable talents.

Corporate Services

We offer a multitude of services to our corporate partners to further the development of their corporate objectives. From corporate hospitality events, corporate gifting, to celebrity appearances at corporate functions, we always deliver.

Our Approach

We are an agency that understand the importance of culture and community to today’s consumer. They are advocates for the world around them, they cherish experiences and tell stories that bring people together, and best of all they are loyal to the brands that are a part of their community. Therefore, we work tirelessly to provide metrics-driven insight on how to best utilize entertainment and sports celebrities to develop partnerships that yield impactful results. As your marketing partner we spend time getting to know your company’s culture, its product and its people.

1. We Listen

It helps us ask the right questions and determine who you are, your needs, and your objectives.

2. We Research

We make it our objective to know and understand your competitive landscape.

3. We Evaluate

We evaluate potential sponsorship opportunities, community engagement, brand alliance, and brand ambassador opportunities.

4. We Strategize

We work closely with you to select an ambassador that embodies your brand and develop a marketing campaign that will drive the consumer to act in favor of your brand.

5. We Implement

With your approval we begin to implement the marketing strategy that is sure to help you establish brand differentiation.

6. We Monitor

We set criteria and evaluation metrics to determine the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

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Case Studies

The industry is filled with successful sports marketing campaigns. We've aggregated some of the industry's most memorable campaigns to show the power of marketing through sports as an avenue for cultivating brand awareness, consumer loyalty, consumer engagement and best of all turn fans into life time advocates for your brand.

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