In the ‘Influencer Platform Preference Study” conducted by influencer marketing company Collective Bias, data from the study determined that female influencers in the US are resisting Snapchats charm.

Between May – June 2017, 550 female influencers from Collective Bias’ influencer community were surveyed by SurveyMonkey. Trends revealed that although Snapchat is the category leader amongst users ages 12 to 24 (with the largest portion of its users being between the ages of 18 to 24) the platform landed at the bottom of the list as one of the least preferred social media platforms for female influencers in the US. Of those polled, 28.4% identified Instagram as the most valuable tool for building their personal brand and connecting with their audience. The can be attributed to Instagram’s content marketing model that allows for a greater reach and accessibility as well as curating brand endorsed content aimed at swaying an audience in favor of the brand; a practice that has yielded dividends for the platform’s top earners.

Most Important Social Network for their Personal Brand According to US Female Social Influencers, June 2017

Facebook also topped the list in third place. Although the platform has been deemed “uncool” by millennials, since their parents are now using the platform to share embarrassing photos from their childhood, it continues to monetize on its ability to get curated content in front of millions of users across the globe. Make no mistake, Snapchat is still one of the highest ranked social media platforms for millennials and gen-xers.

Robens Elusme

Robens Elusme

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