Who We Are

R&E Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a business solution agency that focuses on the development of consumer brands through sports, entertainment, branded media and sponsorships. We are an agency deeply rooted in culture, fueled by passion and driven by insight. We help companies achieve brand differentiation by utilizing celebrity ambassadors, celebrity advocates, product placement and a strong marketing campaign to help position them to compete on a global scale.

Our Culture

We are an agency with one true promise, the promise to make our clients and the community in which we serve, better. We never take for granted the responsibility we have to our clients, our community, our people and their families. Therefore, we only work with brands that share in our values; and we only recommend celebrities, athletes and ambassadors that share the same values as our clients. Because the only thing that matters most are results.

Our Approach

 As your marketing partner, we spend time getting to know your company’s culture, its product, and its people to gain a deeper understanding for your organization. In collaboration with you, we design and implement a sports marketing strategy tailored specifically for your brand based on your business objectives. We understand the opportunities and challenges associated with celebrity endorsement. So we work tirelessly with you to define processes and effective competencies to ensure that the endorsement maximizes the opportunities, while minimizing the risks.

First, We Listen

We listen because it helps us ask the right questions and determine who you are, your needs, and your objectives.

Second, We Research

We make it our objective to know and understand your competitive landscape.

Third, We Evaluate

We begin to evaluate potential sponsorship, community engagement, brand alliance and brand ambassador opportunities (celebrities, athletes, entertainer and spokesperson) to help your brand rise above the clutter.

Fourth, We Strategize

We work closely with you and our creative team to strategize on a marketing plan that will elicit brand engagement both online and offline, build brand awareness and convert fans to lifetime customers.

Fifth, We Implement

With your approval we begin to implement the marketing strategy that is sure to help you establish brand differentiation, enhance brand image, and build consumer loyalty.

Last, We Monitor

We set criteria and evaluation metrics to determine the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

Experiential Marketing

 Experiential marketing is about Unforgettable Experiences, as an agency based at the center of the melting pot (South Florida), we understand what it means to deliver mind blowing experiences. We are surrounded by cultural traditions from the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe. We are experts at bridging the cultural gap to create experiences that captures the essence of your service or product, while allowing the consumer to be completely enthralled by your brands culture. We believe brands that create meaningful experiences will ultimately win the heart of today’s consumer both online and offline.

Let's Meet

If you would like to learn more about our services, please provide the following information and we will get in touch with you really soon.